Developing Critical Thinking. A Multi-Dimensional Approach in the Context of South Africa 

Editor: Mary Grosser

Casper Du Toit Olivier
Mirna Nel
Estelle Brettenny
Maria J. Booysen
Stefanie-Marié Esterhuizen
Magdalena M. Kloppers
Celia Booyse
Elsefie Wranz
Helen De Wet-Krige
Viné Petzer

Education in a competitive and globalizing world
Research output: Book

The proposed book is a first, comprehensive resource in the South African (or multi-cultural) context that offers guidelines on how to develop critical thinking as a skill for life, and not just as an academic skill. The book illustrates how all systems involved with teaching, learning and education can play a role in developing good critical thinking skills among individuals. The book argues for a breakdown of the divides between different role players and different systems where the teaching of critical thinking is concerned. The focus of the book is on application, the teaching of critical thinking, and not theory about critical thinking. There is an introductory section to introduce the theory around critical thinking to make it clear what exactly the development of critical thinking skills entails. The book also includes a section where examples of evidence –based research demonstrate the possibility of developing good critical thinking skills in formal, informal and non-formal contexts. Finally, the book includes a section that demonstrates how critical thinking can and needs to become a way of life.

Original language: English
Place of publication: USA
Publisher: Nova Science Publishers
Number of pages: 373
Publication status: Published 2017
critical thinking, academic skill, life skill, well-being, formal teaching, informal teaching, non-formal teaching, assessing critical thinking, communication and critical thinking

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Grosser, M. (Ed.). (2017). Developing Critical Thinking. A Multi-Dimensional Approach in the Context of South Africa. New York: Nova Science Publishers.