I was a Full Professor (2015-2016) for Cognitive Development and Critical Thinking Development at the School of Education Sciences at the North-West University (NWU) (Vaal Triangle Campus, Vanderbijlpark South Africa). I have a passion to conduct research that aims to enhance the cognitive potential of all learners at school-level, to assist them to become independent, self-regulated learners who are creative and critical thinkers and problem solvers, equipped with thinking tools which they can utilise whenever they learn, think and make decisions. Currently, I am an Extraordinary Professor in the research sub- programme: Holistic learner development in diverse contexts within the Optentia research focus area at the NWU, Vaal Triangle Campus (http://www.optentia.co.za)

My interest in Cognitive Education spans a period of 18 years. Exposure to passive, teacher-centred teaching whilst at school and during my studies at university shaped my own teaching style as teacher for German and lecturer at the former Sebokeng Teacher Training College for many years. This passive, transmission and reception approach, which stifles independent thinking, steered my research vision towards Cognitive Development (critical thinking skills, strategies and dispositions) and Cognitive Education (teaching thinking intentionally) in the context of Teacher Education (pre-service and in-service teachers), when I was appointed as senior lecturer (teacher training) at the Vaal Triangle Campus of the NWU (2004). Since 2004, I strengthened my research skills and investigated ways to make teaching a more active and transactional event that would intentionally stimulate thinking. I initiated research at NWU that aims to advance cognitive development and cognitive education among pre-service teachers of 2012 (Thinking Schools Project, 2012- ), as well as the Schools as Thinking Communities Project (2012- ) to advance cognitive education in 3 schools in Gauteng. I established a Cognitive Education Research Group at the NWU during 2014, with the aim to pursue rigorous and focused research in the field of Cognitive Education and Teacher Education. I developed learning material focusing on Cognitive Education that will be part of the Professional Studies modules for pre-service teachers as from 2015. I developed a Short Learning Programme in Cognitive Education (NQF Level 6) in collaboration with the Cognitive Education Research Group at NWU and the International Association for Cognitive Education in South Africa (IACESA), which was endorsed by the NWU and will be presented as from 2015 to in-service teachers. I am involved in associations that promote Cognitive Education nationally (IACESA) and internationally (International Association for Cognitive Education and Psychology – IACEP) (2002-). My expertise in thefield of Cognitive Education motivated my election as Vice President of IACEP Africa (2013-). I have been a member of IACESA since 1995, was elected as board member (2004- 2011), Vice President (2013-2015) and President (2015-2017) of the association. I am currently the Immediate Past President of IACESA. I act as a supervisor for three Masters and five PhD students. At the beginning of 2017, I embarked on a new research project with Prof. Mirna Nel at the NWU, Vaal Triangle in collaboration with Prof. Deborah Eyre (UK) on High Performance Learning.