Developing Critical Thinking

About the book

This book is a first, comprehensive resource in the South African context, that offers a multi-dimensional approach to the development of critical thinking as an academic and life skill. The book illustrates how stakeholders in teaching, learning and education can play a role in the development of good critical thinking skills among learners. It argues for a breakdown of the divides between the different role players and systems where critical thinking is taught. The focus of the book is on the application of theory pertaining to the conceptualization of critical thinking, and provides guidelines for teaching critical thinking in the South African context. Various examples of evidence–based research are included in the book. The examples demonstrate the efficacy of selected strategies that have the potential to assist in the development of good critical thinking skills in formal, informal and non-formal contexts. The target audience for this book is a wide market, which includes the role players in learning and teaching in formal, informal and non-formal learning contexts. These role players are parents, peers, members of education departments, teachers from the pre-primary level to the secondary level; Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges, departments of teacher training at higher education institutions, tutors, therapists, practitioners and professionals, the media and the labour market.