As the world becomes more complex and demanding, many educators recognise that preparing learners for
life after school must include an education that provides the necessary tools to engage in lifelong learning.

The  Schools  as  Thinking  Communities  project  of  the  Vaal  Triangle  Campus  of  North­West  University  (NWU)
aims  to  train  and  support  South  African  pre­service  and  in­service  teachers  to  apply  and  infuse  well­
established  approaches  to  the  teaching  of  thinking  skills  and  strategies,  as  well  as  dispositions  to  learn  and
think across the curriculum.

This  is  done  to  enable  learners  to  develop  the  propensity  of  skilfully  and  mindfully  applying  cognitive  tools
when  confronted  with  general  and  academic­related  problems  and  challenges.  Preparing  students  to  simply
know knowledge is no longer sufficient to equip them with what they need to face a world that changes faster
than most can adapt.

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